Marion County Newspaper Articles

transcribed as printed originally
& donated by Barbara Porter

Prospect Monitor
July 14, 1904

Of Delaware Has Been Appointed Grand Chancellor of 15th District K. of P.

Attorney H. H. Beecher, of Delaware, Ohio has received a
commission from J. D. Clark of Dayton, State Grand Chancellor of
Knights of Pythias, appointing Mr. Beecher Grand Chancellor of the
15th Ohio District.

The district over which Mr. Beecher will have jurisdiction includes
Delaware, Marion, Morrow and Union counties. The honor is a
deserved one, for Mr. Beecher has been for many years prominent in
the workings of the order and is eminently fitted for the position
which has been given him.

Interesting Items of Old Times
in and Around the Village and Vicinity

The writer is pained to learn that Mrs. Watkins (nee Miss Eliza
Patten of Marion) wife of Mr. Wat Watkins of Prospect is fast
losing her hearing. She is the last member of the family of
Richard Patten, one of the old time residents and business men of
Marion. On her mothers side, she was connected with one of the
leading pioneer families of Fredrick county, Md. As a girl and
young lady, she was always very popular.

The Camp Meeting at Marion park, not far from your city, was
largely patronized by Delaware citizens, now we will expect a large
number from Prospect’s vicinity in Delaware at the time when
our Chautauqua is in operation. Remember that Bryant day is on the
25th of July.

As some of the old members of the Weiser family of Delaware county
live in Prospect, they are expected to be on hand at the
family reunion of the Weisers, which takes place at the pleasant
home of David M. Weiser, on Henry street, Delaware, on Thursday
August 4 1904.

Daniel E. Brown and others, from Delaware, who accompanied an
electric street railway contractor from your place to Joliet,
Illinois some time ago, is enroute for home, booked to put in an
appearance at any old time. Dan says electric railway building in
Suckerdom, is not what is was cracked up to be.

As there are a number of descendants of Delaware county people in
or near Prospect, when that city was a Delaware county hamlet tell
them we invite them to come down to Delaware on Thursday
August 25, 1904 and attend the meeting of Delaware county Pioneer
and Historical Association.

Years ago, but one knight of the road, unfortunate Jim Waits, used
to make weekly trips from near your pretty hamlet through Delaware,
southward, since his death, like they say about flies, if you kill
one, hords come to the funeral, so, at this season of the year,
they are hardly ever out of sight. Waits never stopped to bother
anyone for something to eat, either.

And so W. L. Cox, an old Delaware county boy, is now a member of
the city council of Prospect. He will make a good one.

Sorry to learn as I do by your interesting paper, that Benjamin
Camp of Marion is dead. I knew him in Delaware county and Marion,
and knew him to be a good man in the broadest sense. D. W.
C. L.

SAD DEATH Miss Pauline Eberld the Last of Her Family Dies of Consumption Sunday Night

(NOTE: Name spelled 3 different ways in article)

At the home of John Holt in Richland township Sunday night Pauline
Everle aged 23 years, a popular young lady died from the ravage of
consumption. The funeral was held at the home Thursday with
interment in Canaan church cemetery.

The death of Mis. Eberle marks the end of her family. Her mother
died when she, Pauline, was only a few days old, and the
father shot himself and died over the mother’s grave eleven days

Dr. Hoskins

Dr. J. M. Hoskins returned Sunday evening from Louisville, where
he graduated, last week from Kentuckey Medical college. Dr.
Hoskins graduated with honors, being third in a class of fifty-
eight graduates. He will locate in this city, having his office on
north Main street, with his step father. D. F. Maloney, who owns
and runs a drug store—Marion Star.

Saved from Drownding Near Newmans Bridge Sunday by Ross Runyon of

Miss Carrie Hunter a well known young lady of Columbus, who with
her mother were visitors to Marion park Sunday, was rowing
alone in a boat on the river near Newmans bridge when it capsized
thowing her into the water.

The river is very high and Miss Hunter was in danger of drowning
when her screams attracted the attention of Ross Runyon a young man
of Marion. Who jumped in to the river and by hard work saved the

Mr. Runyon received the profuse thanks of both Mrs. Hunter and her
daughter for his heroine deed and was invited to visit at their
home in Columbus, which invitation he bashfully accepted.

Current Events

Mrs. Mary Randall and sister Mrs. Ella O. Young of Grand Rapids,
Michigan are guests at the home of Peter Graves and other
relatives in this vicinity.

Wottring Bros. have received a contract to build a large hay press
for H. S. Crinickshank, of Ashley, Ohio.

C. Grissenger of Van Wert is visiting Prospect friends.

Misses Iva Irwin or Marion and Nina Wottring of Marysville, Pa.,
have been the guests of friends this week.

Miss Ida Hoskins visited with her brother Lon, south of town one
day this week.

The Sunday School classes of the Misses Katie Almendinger and
Hortense Gast held a delightfull picnic in the Curtis grove

The Misses Josephine Straub of Waldo and Bessie Straub of Columbus
are visiting their aunt Mrs. McCausland.

Rev. H. C. Lyman of Delaware, O., has been elected a member of the
Board of Managers of the International Baptist Young People’s Union.

North street is to be graveled from East to Fourth streets.

The license of Dr. Ferrell of Marion who is now in the Ohio
Penitentary has been revoced by the State Board of Medical

Mrs. Mayme Jones of Marion visited Prospect friends this week.
Mr. James Strine of Waldo was over on business Saturday.
R. L. Watkins accompanied by his son Watkin, left Saturday for New
York and a trip through the New England States.
Mrs. Will Jacobs of Richwood visited with Prospect friends Friday.
Roxie Dille is home from Joliett, Ills., for a weeks vacation.
John Welsh was found guilty of playing cards in the saloon managed by
him for J. W. White, and fined 410 and costs by Mayor Toms.
Marion Merchants are refusing trading stamps. Remember this.
The Free Baptist church of Marion will picnic at Marion park in
Miss Hazel Osborne has returned to her home in Prospect after a
pleasant visit at the Miller home on Windsor street—Marion Star.
Mr. Henry R. Clowes, who founded the Prospect Monitor in 1878 has
been visiting his old friends in Prospect. Mr. Clowes has retired
from active business life and is now living at Shelby, Ohio.
Kuehner Brothers are having the front of their store “The Hub”
The heavy storm past Friday did lots of damage in Delaware county,
but none in this vicinity.
Miss Carolyne Kuehner of W. Jefferson is visiting with her brothers,
Martin and Herman and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Nym Fetty moved Monday to Richwood. Nym will work for
his brother Ward.
Elliott Young of Marysville was the guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Gast
Capt. Van Houten and sister visited Cardington friends Tuesday.
An enjoyable outing was had Tuesday at Dill’s woods by the Sunday
School classes of Mrs. Henry Worline and Miss Shirley Roberts.
Mr. Henry Worline has been quite sick this week.
Mrs. J. F. Jones and daughter of Cheyenneville, Colo., and Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Smeltzer of Marion spent Sunday with J. J. Stiffler.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hauck returned from their wedding trip Friday
evening and will for the present reside with Mr. Hauck’s mother on
N. Main street. Old friends gave the happy couple a merry welcome
at the Hocking depot upon their arrival.
Mr. and Mrs. Enock Knochel of Marion were Sunday visitors to Prospect

Real Estate Transfers

James Bastable to George T. Harding, a lot in Marion. $1,600.
Mark Cook to J. W. Grubb, one-fourth acre in Big Island township, $30.
Patricia Fye to P. A. Gunder, three lots in Marion. $2,600.
Phoebe E. Harding to James Bastable, a lot in Marion, $3,000.
George E. Iler, 40 acres in Marion township, $1,500.
Amelia Lotze to George W. King a lot in Marion, $2,800.
Catharine McNann to E. H. Day, a lot in Caledonia, $425.
Sophia Shwartz to David Kauffman, 16 acres in Pleasant township, $900.
W. W. Thew to J. A. Fields, 39 acres in Claridon township, $1,250.
J. E. Waddell to I. F. Dickerson. Four lots in Marion, $1,500.


Charles M. Burr and wife to Augustus C. Elspree, 50 acres in Orange
township $1600.
Ralph B. Dildine and wife to T. R. Price and wife, 60 rods of land in
Radnor, township $32.50.
Minnie C. Adamson and husband to Albert Huntley inlot 97 in the
village of Ostrander, $1400.
Albert Huntley and wife to Minnie C. Adamson 106 93—100 acres of
land in Scioto township, $6927.78.
John L. Ashbaugh and wife to Earnest L. Ashbaugh 11.6 acres of land
in Concord townshib, $500.
Earnest L. Ashbaugh and wife to Gideon M. Arts 24 71 acres of land in
Concord township, $1,000.
Sarah W. Cellar by will to Harlan P. Knapp et al., all real estate
owned by testatrix at decease.
Harlan P. Knapp and wife to Lucy W. Taggart, quit claim to 129 100—
160 acres of land in Liberty township, $1 and other considerations.


In the Wheat Controversy Between Geo W. Wise and Simeon Blue, W. J. and
Mary Fitts.

In the Delaware County common pleas court Marriott,
Freshwater and Wickham, acting for Geo W. Wise, has filed an action
against Simeon Blue, William J. Fitts and Mary Fitts, for
damages and equitable relief, amount claimed $500. A temporary
injunction asked for on the petition has been granted by Judge E.
Lee Porterfield, the plaintiff depositing bond in the amount of $200 in favor of the defendants.

In the petition, the plaintiff claims that he entered into a
contract to cut, shock, thresh and deliver to the Union mill at
Prospect 35 acres of wheat, one half of the crop to go to William
J. Fitts and Mary Fitts. The plaintiff moved from the farm and
Simeon Blue rented the place, and now is getting ready to cut the
wheat. Mr. Wise prays for judgment against Blue for $500 and cost
of suit, and that he be restrained from cutting the crop. And that
the defendants be restrained from interfering in any manner
with the plaintiff or his employes entering upon the land in
question for the purpose of cutting the wheat as contracted
for Fast Driving.

The Marshall of Richwood, Saturday came to the conclusion that
Elton Ferguson was transgressing the fast driving ordinance of the
village. He arrested him. Elton paid the fine and costs assessed
against him and was released.

Disorderly Conduct.

Art Sloop, a young man of Richwood was arrested Sunday night for
disorderly conduct. Monday he was fined one dollar and costs
amounting to $8.10.

Sloop drove through town in a phaeton, one wheel of which he had
broken down, but how he could not tell. The outfit was taken to a
livery barn by Marshall Trickey, where it was put away for the night.


Miss Iva Campbell has been confirmed as teacher in the Prospect
schools vice Miss Spaulding who resigned.


Mr. Edwin F. Young a prominent Pythian and business man of
Delaware and well known in Prospect was married Wednesday July 6 at
Milford Center to Miss Daisy H. Bradley.

Mr. and Mrs. Young were the recipients of many handsome presents.
Thursday the bride and groom returned to Delaware and
after July 25 will be at home to their friends at No. 477 North
Sandusky street.

Griffith Family Reunion

The seventh annual reunion of the Griffith family will be held at
Gast’s grove, Prospect Ohio Wednesday August 24. Dinner at 12
noon. Exercises commence at 1:30 and a most pleasing program will
be rendered. Let all come and enjoy the occasion.

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