Marion County Newspaper Articles

transcribed as printed originally
& donated by Barbara Porter

17 Jan 1902
Prospect Monitor

Moore and Everet Draw Four Indictments Apeice for Forgery
- Four Others Will Answer to Justice.

The following indictments were found by the Delaware county Grand Jury,

who completed their work Thursday afternoon:

Four against Henry M. Moore for forgery and uttering and publishing a forged instrument.

Four against Leroy R. Everett for forgery.
Charles E. Love for perjury.
Orlando M. Gilbert, refusal to commply with the orders of the State Fire Marshal.
Geo. A. Mason, breaking in a dwelling house in the day time to steal.
James R. Warren, obtaining money under false pretenses.
The names of the various parties again, whom Moore and Everett are
alleged to have committed offenses are not to be made public at present.

Chas. E. Love appeared in probate court on the 9, of last October and
asked for a license to marry Miss Jessie Edwards of Harlem
township. He claimed that they were not nearer related than second
cousin, whereas it is said they are not only first cousins but boubly related as cousins.

Gilbert operates a distillery in Ashley, and the roof covering his
building was so defective that the State Fire Marshal ordered him
to cease operations untill the roof was repaired. It is alleged
that Gilbert failed to comply with the order.
Masons is the party who was brought before the Grand Jury Thursday on
the charge of breaking in the residence of Buel Willis, near Galena.
Warren, who now lives in Marion, O. is said to have misrepresented
the value of certain real estate in Scioto township, upon which it
is alleged he secured money. Monday those indited plead not
guilty except Mason who pled guilty and was fined one dollar and costs
and three months in jail.

A FEW Marion Items from a Welcome but Unknown Correspondent Well Worth Reading
A report comes in that Caledonia has three cases of diphtheria but it
is not anticipated that the disease will spread.
George Headly a popular electrician has gone to Pittsburg to enter
the employ of the Westinghouse company.
We are going to have another building and loan association called the
Citizens Building and Loan company. It is organized this week with
M. Lawrence president and, J. A. Schroeter, who formerly came from
Warrensburg in Delaware county and is well known in Prospect,
as vice president, The board of directors are most
substantial men and consists of J. J. Shoenlaub, C. E. Sawyer,
J. W. Jacoby, J. A. Schroeter, O. Wollenweber, M. Lawrence, J. A. Merchant
and C. B. Jenkins. J. A. Jacoby will be attorney and
secretary. Capital stock $300,000.
B The refurnishing of the Kerr House is rapidly

being brought to a close and it is expected to open February 1.
Sheriff Peter Sells and his son, Deputy sheriff Pearl Sells are now
located and are fast getting onto the ropes. Business is a little
bit dull but will pick up as court will soon convene.

That was quite a pipe story Frank Gast was giving the newspaper

 last week about the house famine in Prospect.
He said, "there was only one empty house in town and he had the renting of
it, but there were so many people wanted to rent it, and they were
all his friends, that he could not let one have it for fear the
others would get mad, so to avoid that he was going to sell it
outright," with that he walked away leaving some of the boys wondering
if he meant the "sanitarium."

Dick Osborn was up last Friday and some of his friends asked him

 if he had come to attend the grand opera. No, replied Dick, since I lost my Iris setter pup last fall

I have ceased to sing the old songs and am now completely weaned from high C music,

 but I could stand, "Quo Vadis" with "All for Ceasar" provided Ed Stockwell was along.

Richard Johnson, who is in the carpet department of Franks

is fast working a record as a salesman, not only that,

but he is gaining a host of friends both of the sterner and gentler sex. Especially the latter.

I noticed quite a number of Prospect music lovers at the performance of "Carmen" last Friday night,

Bess McCausland, Leah Moore, Cora Johnson and Neil Gast being prominent among them.

Attorney L. E. Myers will be very busy this term. He having already several cases docketed.

Kelly Mount was found almost frozen Tuesday morning having laid out all night.

 Kelly started for the Infirmary Tuesday afternoon and got lost.
Good bye! will see you again.

Years Has Rev. A. D. Hawn Labored in the Interests of His Congregation,

but Failing Health Compels Him to Resign.

Rev. Dr. A. D. Hawn of Delaware who is loved and esteemed by not only the member of his church,

 but by all connected with the Marion Presbytery,

and hosts of friends which he has made and held during his long service of twenty-three years

as pastor of the church at Delaware, resigned his pastorate last Sunday morning, his reason being failing health and strength.

The Marion Presbytery at its next meeting in April will be called upon to fill the vacancy.

Dr. Hawn is well known in Prospect where his name is a household word with members

 of the Presbyterian faith. After the announcement of his resignation a

 deep silence reigned over the congregation for several moments and copious tears

 were shed by those whom he has ministered to and watched over for ----- a time.

In his remarks Dr. Hawn stated that after his retirement he will make his home in Delaware.

Funeral of Mrs. Emory

The funeral of Mrs. James Emory was held at the M. E. church at Waldo Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Emory was highly esteemed by all who knew her.

She was 65 years old and the mother of C. V. Emory of Prospect

and a sister of the late Mrs. Benjamin Powell.


Dr. Robert L. Sweney and Beloved Wife are Interred at Marion Tuesday Afternoon.

Dr. Robert L. Sweney, the oldest and most prominent physician of Marion county

died at his home at Marion Sunday morning of a complication of diseases incident to old age,

the esteemed gentleman being in his 80th year.

It is only seventeen days since his beloved and devoted helpmate passed away

and tuesday afternoon the remains of the husband and wife were buried in one grave,

death failing to separate them.

The funeral was held at the Presbyterian church under the auspices of the Knights Templar and conducted by Rev. A. D. Hawn of Delaware.

Miss Jen Kyle returned home Tuesday after a ---- visit with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Kennedy and brother Wi-- at Cambridge, O.

Death of Lydia A. Williams.

Mrs. Lydia Ann Williams passed peacefully away at her home in Radnor township

 Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock, after an illness of several months

due to a general breaking down of her system,

 the result of advanced years.

Lydia Ann Coonfare was born June 2, 1819 in Lancaster, Fairfield county, Ohio,

died Jan. 12, 1902, aged 82 year, 7 months and 12 days.

was married to William Williams February 6, 1844.

To them were born four children two daughters and two sons,

the daughters having preceded her some years ago. (Side of article missing here)

Together with her husband she united with the

Presbyterian church shortly after their marriage

and has always lived a faithful christian life expressing many -

--- during her late illness a desire to --- her Savior.

She leaves a husband, --- sons, two sisters, one brother and

a ---unber of grandchildren, great-grand-children

 and many others relatives and ---ds to mourn their loss.

 Her last words were a murmured prayer, O! Lord.

The funeral was held at the Radnor Presbyterian church tuesday at --- o'clock

conducted by Rev. Stephens and --v. Cellars of Prospect.

Installation of Officers.

Rose of Sharon lodge, No. 313 installed the following officers last Friday

evening by special deputy, Mrs. L. R. McNeill:

Mary Howison, N. G; Ida Hoskins, V. G; Sue Bolander, Rec. Sec.,; Anna Hilford,

Fin. Sec; Sallie Court, Treas; L. R. McNeill, R. B. to N. G; Mattie Selanders,

L. S. to N. G; Hannah Stiffler, R. S. to V. G.;

Rena Price, L. S. to V. G.; Ammy Fisk, C; Rosa Toms, W.;

Wesley Dunbar, O. G.; Alice Hoskins, I. G.; Lavina Fleming, Chaplain.


The Waldo Bank Building is completed and will be occupied soon.
John Bland and wife and Mrs. Pearl Akron were in Columbus Monday.
Greenville Louther and wife of Decater, were called here to the funeral of Mrs. J. Emery.
Henry Smith and wife of Marion were visiting friends and relatives here Thursday.
Elva Whiteman returned from an extended visit in Marion Monday.
Philip Gompf was in Radnor today on business.
The hoop factor has shut down for a week on the account of boiler repairs.
Mrs. Harmon Hull moved here from Carey.
Joe Chriss and wife of Cardington were the guests of H. Groll and wife.
Mrs. Crawford has been very sick for a few days at Norton.
The Teachers Institute was held here Saturday and was well attended.
Dr. Dombaugh went to Marion Tuesday to attned the funeral of Dr. Sweney.
There are a great many sheep being killed around in this neighborhood by dogs.
Taylor McColister of Marion, was the guest of J. A. Whiteman Sunday.
Edward Hoke visited Marion friends Tuesday.


James Showalters horse was frightened at the street cars

just south of town last Monday and became unmanageble and

threw Mr. Snowalter out of the buggy,

The horse fell in the ditch. Joe Carpenter came along and helped him

and his horse up and started him on his journey.

Miss Kate Bozlin of Lewis Center, O., is making an extended visit with relatives in Prospect.

Mrs. Joe Cunningham was calling on Mrs. W. E. Boyd last Monday.

W. G. Howland, wife and daughter were guests of Mrs. Howland's parents last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hershey of Ashley were guests of Prospect relatives over Sunday.
The Hocking Valley pay car was through this week.
Jonah Decker fell on the icy steps at his home on East street,

and broke the bones in his right wrist.

The fracture was a bad one but the patient is getting along nicely.
Lee Howison Jr., is bedfast with an attack of inflaminmatory rheumatism

at the home of Marsh Fields at Marion.
Nick Prettyman of LaRue was visiting Prospect friends Wednesday.
Wanted--I am now buying fat horses for eastern

trade if you have any come and see me. H. D. Beaver, Prospect, O.

Miss Myrtle Clay of Marion is visiting at the home of her aunt Mrs. Rouse.
Ben Roades after a few days indisposition is able to attend to business again.
Miss Catherine Schneck formerly of Delaware and for years

(water damage here) of the most popular visitors from that

----------- to Prospect has joined the Empire ---------

company at toledo, as leadine ---------

Miss Schneck made her stage debut in "Ben Hur" at New York a few years ago.

P. Schwadrer of Green Camp has been elected a director of the Marion county Agriculture Association.
Miss Eva Shina of Ashland is the guest of her cousins E. M. and T. K. Stockwell and families.
Rev. Cellars was at Radnor Tuesday where he conducted the funeral services of Mrs. Lydia Ann Williams a highly respected resident of that village.
W. W. Jackson the insurance man of Marion made a visit to friends Monday evening.
Misses Cora Johnson and Leah Moore attended

the grand opera "Carmen" at Marion Friday evening.
C. C. Smith the marble and granite manufacture of Upper Sandusky,

 has been in town this week looking after business.
Mrs. Chas. Isler of near Owen is ill with tonsilitis.
The nine year old son of Sim Blue is very sick with typhoid pneumonia.
An imposing and large monument has been placed upon the Jacobs lot in Prospect cemetery.
Owen Landon and Lige Adams have secured jobs in West Virginia and have gone to commence work.
Joseph Sauers was in Waldo Monday looking after his trade.
Clauda Paxton has returned from a visit with Marion friends.
Mrs. J. F. Males has returned from North Baltimore after a

pleasant visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. S. J. Showman of Calidonia, after visiting her brother

A. M. Campbell o the Cash Store and family over Sunday has gone to Delaware

to visit her daughter Mrs. Dr. Buck of that city.
Mrs. H. D. Beavers and Miss Rena Gast were Marion visitors Tuesday.
John A. Cone of Delaware was in town Tuesday on business and shaking hands with friends.
The Womans Missionary Society of the Baptist church will meet

at the home of Mrs. Maggie Griffith Thursday afternoon Jan. 23

at half past one o'clock. The sisters of the church are invited to be

 present at this meeting
Belle Roberts Sect.

The sisters of the Baptist church are requested to meet at the home

 of Mrs. J. J. Roberts Tuesday evening Jan., 21 for the transaction of some business.

By order of ---- The Ladies Aid Society. Mattie Wottring, Sect.

Deputy Sheriff Pearl Sells was in town ----day on business.

G. E. Davis of Delaware visited Prospect friends Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Dalton of Rush Creek spend

 several days with their daughter Mrs. Sa-- Adams.

Miss Rose Moyer was the guest of Marion friends Sunday.

F. C. Thibaut of Cleveland was a Prospect visitor Saturday.

Bob Gast came down from Marion Sunday and was the guesst of his parents.

Miss Mildred Randall left for Chillicothe Monday

where she will spend a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. T. S. Anson and family.

On account of sickness Mrs. J. F. Pasters was unable

 to attend the funeral of her daughter Mrs. Samuel Brownmiller.

Elsworth Shinn of Ashland, O., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Stockwell.

The Rebeckah's enjoyed a turkey roast as the guests of Mrs. Thomas Courts

Thursday. RHart-Miller company three nights,

commenceing Monday Jan. 20.
W. R. Lavender of Elkhart, Ind., spend Sunday and Monday

 with his mother Mrs. R. Lavender.
Mrs. A. S. Rusell and son Alva returned to their home in Mansfield Wednesday after spending a few days with Mrs. Russells mother Mrs. R. Lavender.
Mrs. Conrad Jacobs has placed a fine family

 monument on lot in the cemetery.

STRAYED--A Chester White boar from my farm north of Prospect.

Send any information to Jacob B. Almendinger and receive reward.

Auditor Frank Warren has returned from Asheville, N. C.,

where he accompanied Mrs. Warren, who is rapidly regaining her health by the change of climate.

Mr. Warren is delighted with the souther atmosphere,

and gained considerable in weight during his vacation---. Delaware Gazette

The Hart-Miller company, which appears at Opera House Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

 is a guaranteed attraction and embraces a full acting company of well known Thespians.

The plays billed are produced in their entirety, nothing cut. and are put on with full

and complete wardrobe, scenery, stage equipment and effects.

New, novel and up-to date specialties at each perormance.

Exellent singing, dancing, etc. Prices 10, 20 and 30c.

The Night Watch, a stirring and realistic drama of metropolitan life

will be presented at Opera House Monday Jan. 20th by

the Hart-Miller company. Prices 10, 20 and 30c.

Miss Rena Gast left for Marion, Ind., Thursday where she will visit relatives and friends

 for several weeks.

Isaiah Tyler and sister Mrs. Frank Ladley of Richwood

 were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Roberts Wednesday.

WANTED--Veal, calves, the highest market price paid. Money & Cox, Prospect, O.

F. O. Padgett formerly of Prospect is now editor and manager of the Tri-County Leader at Danville, O.

C. L. Akron has purchased a team of horses and is now ready to do any kind of teaming.

Miss Kathryn Brenizer gave an entertainment at Mansfield, O.,

last Friday evening under the auspices of the Knights and Ladies of Security.

They were so pleased with her elecutionary numbers that a return date

was immediatly made for sometime in March.

W. F. Wottring was in Marion on Business Wednesday.

Andrew Carnegi has given Columbus $150,000 for a public library.

Poles and supplies will commence to arrive the first of next week

for the new telephone Co. Work will soon be finished at Waldo

and the line immediatly be run to Prospect.

Mrs. Clara Young returned Tuesday evening after a few days

visit with her husband at Newark, O.

The Shay Opera Company stranded at Marion after the performence Saturday evening. 49 members "soaked" their baggages to the Hocking and Pennsylvania Rail Roads for transportation to New York.

To Late To Elaborate

Dwight Vest of Delaware and Miss Gertrude Naylor were married at Richwood

 Wednesday, both well known in Prospect.

Mrs. Lucinda Gray aged 72 years died at Scott Town Saturday. Well known.

John A. Gast trustee of the estate of Wm. Gast filed his final account at Delaware this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tuttle married at Rudolph visiting Prospect friends.

Trial of George Hancock for causing the death of Mr. McAllister, at Marysville Feb. 19.

Alva Winteringham of Richland county formerly of Prospect gets

ten years in the penitentiary for criminal assault upon 13 year step daughter.

James Cone formerly of Radnor lately of Klondike is in Pueblo, Col., well and hearty.

Hoke W. Donithen and W. W. Jackson of Marion, in Prospect Thursday.

Richwood seems to be the leading port for the ship of state,

represented by the common please court at Marysville this week.

Ed Randall of Toledo was in town this week.

A success--Gun club shoot at Richwood.

J. B. Foraker elected U. S. senator just as expected.

The stock sale Thursday brought a large crowd to town.

When your lodge elects new officers let us know, we have a column just for your benefit. C

ongratulations are extended to Bro. Worden of Richwood

for obtaining without soliciting a share of the printing business from Prospect. happy New Year George!

There may come a time some day, when Prospect will be attached as a suberb

to Richwood then we can consolidate the business and control the universe.

The show Wednesday night diden't show, because it failed to show up.

A disgraceful scene occured thursday between two brothers,

who live our of town. Boys remember Cain and Able.

Walter and Nellie Roberts entertained a part of young friends Thursday evening.

After dinner at Columbus Monday Will Cobb found an old hat in place of his new one.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Harmon visited Wm. Harmon and wife this week.

Mrs. Sam Thomas is visiting relatives in Rushsylvania.

Poe Graff was in town Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tobin of Marion visited Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Lyday Sunday.


Held at Waldo Last Saturday -- A Large Number in Attendance and Enjoyable Time

The first quarterly institute of the Marion county teachers' association

 was held in Waldo, Saturday the, 11th. The officers were present

 and all those having parts in the program, save one.

The teachers quartett from Marion rendered several fine selections in their usual style. The performances were well received, but the attendance was small,

due to some misunderstanding between those having charge of the advertising feature.

 Supt. Weaver, Miss Cellar, secretary of the association,

Miss Pollock, Miss Landon and sister, Bessie attended from here. The next quarterly will be held in Marion.


Martin Kuehner, Neil Gast, John P. Lawrence and James C. Johnson of K. P. lodge

attended the initiation of candidates at the Richwood K P lodge Wednesday evening. Three degrees were worked, followed by a banquet.

 During the social hour after the provender was dispersed Mr. Martin Kuehner

 in his pleasing manner favored his brothers with several solos which

were enthusiastically received. Taken in all it was a grand occasion.

Court News
Anna E. Mohr-vs-C. F. Mohr plaintiff given leave to answer by Jan. 23, on account of death of defendent.

In the matter of T. M. Cunningham against A. L. Gast,

an order of foreclosure on a mechanic's lien has been issued,

 also an order of foreclosure and sale on a mortgage held by B. Waddell

against the sanitarium building at Prospect.

To The Pen

Edward Bean of Richwood who with James Brooker stole a horse from a man named Black, near Magnetic Springs which was traded to Steve Cushman of Prospect, was sentenced the Penitentery Tuesday for three years. This is his second time.

Realestate Deals.

Jonah N. Decker to W. C. Bevis, lot 175 in Prospect, $100.

B. J. W. Rords to Lucinda A Penry two acres in Prospect township, $400.
H. O. Tome to Lucena R. McNeil, lot 235 in Prospect $2?0.
Mrs. Samuel Brownmiller.

After a long illness patiently borne with exemplary christian disposition,

and belief in a glorious reward, Ella, the loved wife of Samuel Brownmiller

 passed peacefully away at the home of her parents,

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pasters on Water street, Monday at noon.

The funeral was held Wednesday at two o'clock in the M. E. church conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. J. Halliday assisted by Rev. Hill. Obituary.

Ella May Pasters, daughter of John and Tillie Pasters,

was born at South Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio. March 11, 1869.

A few years later she came with her parents to Prospect, Ohio. On Jan. 19, 1882

she joined the Prospect M. E. church and has ever maintained an effective and ideal relation

 to her church, loving it and the Christ for whom it stands with a constancy

that has always characterized her life. On the 19th, day of Feb. 1893, she was united in marriage to Samuel Brownmiller.

To this union was born two children, Freda Lena aged seven years and Edith Alberta aged 13 months. As a mother she filled to its fullest capacity all that is contained

in the ideal conception of the term "mother."

For the past year or more their sister and wife, daughter and mother

 has been contending with that arch enemy of humanity, called disease,

and on Monday Jan. 13th she succumbed to the inevitable, leaving behind

her to mourn her loss a mother, father, brother, husband, two children

and a host of sorrowing friends. Thur endeth the story of one who

was connected with all that was good in life and who did her utmost for the advancement of righteousness and truth.


The Free Baptist Sunday school reorganized Sunday by electing Wm. Uncapher,

superintendent; R. H. Hogan assistant;

Leota Berry, secretary; John DeLong, treasure; Mrs. C. E. Thompson, primary superintendent;

Mrs. N. F. Welch, superintendent of home department; Miss Pearl Savage organist.

Miss Ada Fudge of Dayton, is the guest of her sister Mrs Edna Brubaker.

Mrs. M. A. Witcraft of Calidonia has returned home

after a pleasant visit with friends and relatives here.

Richard Johnson is reported quite sick at his home with a very severe cold.

Walter and Lula Savage of Carey, O., have

returned to their home after a pleasant visit with relatives.

Miss Carrie Flach left Monday for Oberlin, to resume her studies at college.

Mrs. Maria Coffey of Marion, is spending a few dayf with her daughter Mrs. L. R. Hopkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Nazell of Lima, are visiting with Mrs. Nazels

 parents Mr. and Mrs James Johnson.

The F. B. church will begin a series of meetings this week,

 by holding prayer service Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

C. C. Cartright of Spencer, O. is expected to be present to conduct the service.

Sammuel Davis of Galion, spent last week with his family in this village.

Hartley Shook of Hepburn, O., visited his boy friends here a few days this week.

Friday evening the near friends and relatives of John Ritzler Jr.

assembled at his home and very agreeably surprised the gentleman,

 it being his thirty second birthday. An elegant supper was served to the guests.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. chris Bandy

and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Uncaphe r of Marion A. N. Carmind and wife,

Herbert Porter and wife, J. P. Carmine, and wife, John Ritzler and wife, and C. G. Ritzler.

Vern Joheson of Galion, made a short visit to his parents last Sunday.

Miss Ellis who has been the guest of Mrs. Webster for the past week,

 left Saturday evening for her home in Chicago.

Mrs. Estella Waitley of Hepburn is spending a few days with relatives and friends.

The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church will give a "sock social" in the town hall,

 Saturday evening Jan., 13, Every one present will be furnished with a sock full of directions.


Miss Brooks daughter of Jake Brooks formerly a resident

here but now resides in Kansas, is visiting at Homer Williams in east Radnor.

M. Zigler, father of Will Zigler, who lately returned from

 Missouri has moved into the house owned by John Confare of Troyton.

Owen A. Jones of Leatherwood, Allen county,

who was visiting relatives and friends during Christmas has returned to his home.

Watt, the second son of Charley Morris has secured a position in Cleveland in a buggy factory.

Wert Augustine residing on the John W. Humphreys farm

 east of Radnor is going to move onto the late John Wyatt farm

east of Prospect. We are sorry to loose Wert and his frau.

They are nice people and good neighbors.

Miss Tina Teed, who at the present time is residing with her sister in Delaware,

has returned home after settling up some real estate claims at Radnor.

Robert Evans of Coons Corners has purchased an organ from Mr. Hale of Marion.

John McCormick, John and Will Baker and Clarance Powell have all secured situations

as attendants in the asylum west of Columbus.

Louis Lauer shiped a car load of fat cattle from Radnor last week.

John W. Humphreys has disposed of his farm east of Radnor to Clarence Dix,

who was in the hardware business in Prospect.

Watt Powell Radnors able undertaker was called to Delaware to assist Undertaker

Shea of that place, who had two funerals on the same day and at the same time

 and could not attend to both himself. Watt is alright.


Newt Smart just completed husking corn

 and shredding fodder for Mr. Biggerstaff.

Dr. J. Guy Hurst has resumed his studies in Cincinnati

after a pleasant vacation with his parents during the holidays.

Mrs. Margaret Ferguson of Richwood is a guest of her brother,

 Benjamin Davis and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Verne Casidy and daughter Starling

were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Will Detwiler last Sabbath.

The Misses Edna and Antoinetta Cox enjoyed New Years

vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cox.

Mrs. Gardner Hill is convalesing from a short illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Newt Steilts entertained fifty of their friends

at their beautiful home on Mind street with a social hop, on the evening of Jan. 8th.

Miss Blanch Charles was presented with a nice gold watch as a Christmas present from her father and mother.

The directors of Eaglesville special district bought of Herbsters

of Prospect a fine new stove for the school house last week.

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