Marion County Newspaper Articles

transcribed as printed originally
& donated by Barbara Porter

Prospect Monitor
3 Jan 1902

Which Was Part of the Suit of Mrs. Fleming Against the Estate of the Late Carey B. Paul.

Mrs. Alice B. Fleming, has big claims against the estate of the late
Carey B. Paul and sued the estate in the courts of Delaware
county. F. M. Marriot her attorney has withdrawn from the case.
In her first petition before the Delaware county court a note
of $35000 was one of the main factors. A Columbus account of
the filing of the last petition is as follows:

In Federal court here Mrs. Fleming is plaintiff in an action against
the Paul estate. She has dismissed her action in the Delaware
County Court. In the action instituted in Columbus she sues on
$1,000 and $5,000 notes and for the 200 shares of stock which she
claims she owns in the First National Bank of Delaware. Much to
the surprise of her friends and those who have been watching the
case Mrs. Fleming did not say anything about the $35,000 note in

Up to this time Mrs. Fleming has had much the better of it, as far as
public opinion is concerned, Her change at this time has created
all sorts of gossip in Delaware and among those who know of her and
the Pauls.

In depositions taken by the defendant last week, it is alleged, it is
clearly shown that the $35,000 note is a forgery. The attorney
for the defense are authority for this statement.

The alleged forgery is said to have been committed about two or three
months after Mr. Pauls death, and it is claimed that a sworn
statement to that effect can be produced. It is intimated that the
testimony in this regard is so conclusive that one of the
counsel in the case, Mr. Marriot, has already withdrawn from the
action. He has made this announcement to the defense.

The affadavid above referred to is made by an Anderson (Ind) man. In
his statement he is credited with saying that he knowns the
$35,000 note was drawn up after the death of Carey B. Paul.
Furthermore, Judge Marriot went to Anderson to investigate and from
that city sent a letter announceing his withdrawal.

Mr. Paul died suddenly of pneumonia, without having made a will and
the estate is thus thrown into court. his estate was valued at
about $150,000.


Exhuberent from Prospect Exhuberents Gets into Trouble upon His Arrival
in "Greater Marion."

George Ashley who has been in the habit of making periodical visits
to Prospect posing as on of the bon ton swells that belong to a
certain circle of Marion society, got himself in trouble as the
following taken from the Marion Star substantiates:

George Ashley of this city created some excitement at the Hocking
Valley depot Thursday night by shooting at a passenger brakeman.
Ashley boarded the Hocking Valley passenger, No. 37 at Prospect. It
is stated that he became boisterous and annoyed the passengers.
When the train reached Marion Ashley took a position in the
doorway and interfered with passengers who were leaving. He was
ordered away by the conductor. The man descended to the platform and
again took a position near the car steps. The brakeman on the
train, named DeArmand, ordered him away. He refused to obey. He
was again ordered to step back and was given a shove by the
brakeman. Ashley drew a revolver and fired a shot at the
brakeman. The shot fled wide of the mark, but it is stated that
the flash of powder burned a woman's face and that the bullet
passed through a man's trouser leg.

Immediately after the shot was fired DeArmand struck Ashley in the
face, knocking him to the platform. Officers Monahan and
Werts, who had arrived on the scene, placed Ashley under arrest.
He was taken to the city prison and Dr. J. W. McMurray
attended to his wound. Ashley was then given a hearing by acting
Mayor Charles Gompf and was bound over to court in the sum of
$2,000 charged with shooting with intent to kill.

Ashley was unable to give bond and was placed in the county jail.
The praise of the traveling public should be extended to Brakeman
DeArmand. He did his duty to protect patrons of his road from
insult and injury.

Death of Mrs. Powell

Again has Prospect been called upon by the grim reaper to give up one
of its oldest in most highly esteemed resident, Mrs. Permelia
Powell, widow of Benjamin B. Powell, died Sunday morning at 11:30
o'clock at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Samuel Thomas from apoplexy,
at the age of 70 years. The funeral was held tuesday

morning at the M. E. church Prospect, conducted by Rev. Hill
assisted by Rev. Halliday and attended by a large circle of
relatives and friends.


Mrs. Permelia Powell was born in Huron county, Ohio May 7, 1831 was
married to Rev. Benjamin B. Powell at Belleview, Ohio May 10, 1849
to this union was born six children, five of whom are living.
When young she united with the church and forty years
accompanied her husband up and down the country where in the
providence of God he was called to labor in during all the privations
of the itinerent in the early history of this Central
Ohio conference. She quietly stepped from the stage of
action December 29, 1901, aged 70 years, six months and 22 days.
The funeral services were held at the M. E. church Tuesday morning
Dec. 31, conducted by Rev. Caleb Hill assisted by Rev. J.
J. Halliday, after which she was laid to rest in the Prospect
cemetery by the side of her husband with whom she
journeyed for so many years to await the resurection of the Just.


Of Rev. and Mrs. J. A. F. Cellars Beautifully Celebrated at Their Home
Tuesday Evening By Relatives and Friends.

Tuesday Dec. 31, was the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the
marriage of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. F. Cellar of Prospect. Many of the
near relatives of the honored couple met in their comfortable
home on north Elm street to participate in the celebration of this
occasion. The dinner was an elegant one, gracefully served
and partaken of with the greatest satisfaction by all present.
After a time of social enjoyment letters from friends at a distance who
were unable to attend were read by Rev. t. J. Cellar.
The gifts from the friends as tokens of their esteem were presented
by Rev. W. F. Cellar of chesterville, in fitting remarks. The
response by J. A. F. Cellar was made in very appropriate words and -
- received. Prayer was offered by Mr. John douglas of Forest O.
The entire day was one of great enjoyment and will --- remembered
by all present.

Death of M. F. Langstaff

M. F. Langstaff, the well known druggist of richwood died Tuesday
afternoon after a short illness of congestion of the brain being
ailing only since Sunday. Mr. Langstaff was a very prominent
citizen of Richwood and had many friends in Prospect who
will be pained to hear of his death.

Death of Mrs. Prettyman.

Jane, the beloved wife of John Prettyman died at her home north of
Prospect at noon Tuesday Dec. 31, aged 35 years, two month and 20
days. Her disease being peritonitis. Mrs. Prettyman was a
highly esteemed lady with a large circle of friends who deeply
mourn her decease. The funeral was held Thursday morning at 10
o'clock in the M. E. church conducted by the pastor, Rev.
Halliday. Interment was made in Prospect cemetery.

Jurors Drawn.

The following names for this vicinity have been drawn on the juries
for the next term of court which commences the first Monday in
February: Grank, Wm. Imbody, J. F. Brickles, Green Camp; B. K.
Herbster, Prospect. Petit, Christian Brenizer, Wm. Heller, Richland;
Charles Almendinger, Josiah Sherman, Pleasant; and Jacob
Firstedberger, Green Camp. The grand jury will report Jan. 27, and
the petit Feb. 3, 1902.


Man Falls and is Found in Nearly Unconscious Condition Near Prospect --
Sent to Marion and Revived.

Tuesday evening as the Hocking Valley section men under C.
Stonebreaker were returning from work they found a man lying beside the
track about a mile north of town who seemed to be badly hurt, they
stopped the car and instead of bringing the poor fellow to
Prospect where he could be cared for they laid him along the bank
and left him. About 7:30 o'clock or three hours after one of the
men reported the affair to Marshal Lauer, who summoned assistance
and hurried to the rescue of the injured man. Arriving upon the
spot he was found laying in the place where he had been put. Upon
examination the fellow was found to be badly hurt and unable
to talk. An approaching freight train was stopped and the
conductor allowed the man to be placed in the caboose and conveyed
to Marion. A search of the man's clothing to obtain a clue to his
identity resulted in finding a receipt in favor of Wm. Atchison
Columbus, O. It is supposed that the man fell from one of
the afternoon freight trains while stealing a ride. Arriving at
Marion he was taken to police headquarters and found to be hurt but
not fataly. Thursday morning though sore he was able to go on
his way.


Amount in the Aggragate is Quite an Amount--A Good deal of Which is Due
to the Hasty Removal of Goods

The Gast fire in Prospect last Friday was one of the worst in the way
of loss that has visited the town for some time.
Outside of the loss on building, stock, and stables of E. B. Gast, N.
C. Gast and Mrs. Benjamin Roades. Wm. Penry, who occupied the
second floor of the building owned by G. F. Gast loses by removal
of household goods at least $60, G. F. Gast on building $100, J. F.
Beard, who occupied the store room as a grocery $250, Fred
Reithmaier whose shop was next to the Gast building $50, Mrs. Luke
of the quilting works $50, Albert Mohr by removal of goods
$50, R. L. LeFever whose house was badly schorched and window glass
broken $50, Mrs. C. L. Mohr living across the street and whose
residence was blistered so that the front will have to be painted
$50, M. L. Carpenter and P?ip Fleming lost slightly. Insurance
adjusters have been here most of the week adjusting losses and most
of that work is completed.
The citizens and the Prospect fire department deserves the credit by
heroic efforts of checking and extinguishing a blaze that might
have destroyed the largest part of the towns business district.

Miss Grace Roberts spent part of the week with Columbus friends.

The mild weather of the past few days has enabled the slaters to
nearly finishe the roof of the big Herbster barn Work from now on
will procede rapidly.
Miss Mattie Landon has returned home after spending the holidays with
Frank Barrks and family and other relatives of Marion.

Real Estate Transfers.
Viola B. Hughes to William P. Harmon, lot 16 in Prospect, $2,200.
Tobias Weisel and others to Redden S. Weisel, lot 82 in Prospect,
B. F. Moore to John E. Moore, lot 43 in Green Camp, $250.
W. F. Almendinger to william Almendinger, 50 acres in Prospect
township, $1,600.
Clara B. Collins to Gottlieb Keller X acres in Green Camp, $301.?


Held at Prospect Tuesday - A Grand Time and Good Scores Made By the

The shooting match held Tuesday was a grand success. A most
enjoyable time was had by those in attendance. Most of the crack
shots of Marion were there and displayed some fine marksmanship.
The following are the scores:
Event No. 1, five birds, Miller 1, Shorts 4, Davis 3, Neimeyer 1,
Jennings 3, Hover 4, Feidner 4. Shorts, Feidner and Hover divided pot.
2nd, event, five birds, Hover 5, Landis 3, Shorts 3, Miller 1, Able
1, Bausinger 3, Ritzler 4, Davis 4, Jennings 1, Lunger 3, Feidner
1, Ramroth 3, won by Hover.
3d, event, 10 birds. Landis 10, Ritzler 7, Davis 6, Miller 6, Adams
6, Ramroth 6, Hover 8, Able 2, Jennings 3, Neimeyer 6, Claypool 6,
Feidner 8. This was the closest event of the shoot and was won by
Landis killing 10 straight.
4th, event, five birds, Landis 5, Bausinger 2, Feidner 1, Hover 3,
Money 1, Miller 4, Siters 2, Davis 4, Jennings 4, F. Neimeyer 1,
Shorts 2. Landis won.
There were several events with clay pigeons most of them being won by
C. Neimeyer of Prospect.


Are Becoming Serious - Everett Moore's Partner Has Been Arrested and
Sent to Jail to Await Court.

The forgery case against H. N. Moore is assuming a serious aspect.
L. R. Everett who is well known as a travling partner of
Moores, has been arrested as an accomplice. Everit previously came
from Marion and is well known in Prospect. Of the affair the
Delaware Gazette gave the following account: "New developments have
followed the recent arrest of H. M. Moore, alleged to have passed a
$75 forged note on the First National Bank of Delaware in the
arrest of L. R. Everett Sunday evening on suspicion of having been
implicated in the case.

Everett was the stranger who assisted in rousing the suspicion of the
bank officials against Moore, when he is alleged to have
endeavored to pass six other notes on the same bank. It now develops
that Everett has been under suspicion all the time. Marshal
Matthews and Sheriff Schaffner have worked constantly on the case
and it is alleged that from numerous comparison's of hand writing,
Everett is believed to be guilty of having forged nine
notes two held by the First National Bank, four by the Delaware Savings
Bank, three by prominent residents of this county. All the
names alleged to be forged are those of wealthy farmers, whom
it is claimed Moore did business with. The prisoner will be first
tried on the $75 note on which the name of John Morris is
alleged to have been forged. Until ten days previous to Moore's
arrest he was state agent of the Champion Harvesting Machine
Company of Springfield, and Everett was his assistant. All efforts to
secure $500 bond to release Moore have proved fruitless and he is
in the county jail under close guard, to prevent outside
communication. Everett is in the city prison under strict watch.
Marshal Matthews appeared before Mayor McClure this morning and swore
out a warrant for L. R. Everett charging him with unlawfully
and falsely making and counterfeiting a certain promissory note
calling for $75 payable one year after date of its issuance on Nov,
5th, 1901 with interest at 6 per cent. The note was made out
in favor of H. M. Moore and it is alleged that Everett forged the
name of John Morris to the note.
Everett was arraigned before Mayor McClure this afternoon at one
o'clock, waived examination plead not guilty and was bound over to
the Common Pleas Court, with his bond fixed at $1,000 which he
could not furnish. Judge Wickham has also raised Moore's bond to
the same amount."


A Well Known and Esteemed Citizen of Prospect Passes Away Sunday
Morning -- Funeral Tuesday Afternoon

Harry W. Stiffler, a prominent and well known citizen of Prospect
died at his home on north east street at about 10 o'clock Sunday
morning after a few days sickness. he was in the 38 year of life.
Harry W. Stiffler was popular with all who knew him and will be sadly
missed by a large circle of friends and relatives. When a
boy he met with an accident which all his life, since he was 14
years of age, has caused him, at intervals, to have painful spells
of sickness and many times his life has been in jeopardy.
Christmas day he was taken with one of these spells which were in the
nature of cramps in the stomach and productive of heart
failure, this in connection with a bad cold which he had contracted
produced congestion of the lungs causing him to pass
peacefully away last Sunday morning surrounded by his loving wife and

Mr. Stiffler was an honored member of the Prospect fire department,
Modern Woodmen of America and Prospect lodge I. O. O.
F. who had charge of the funeral that was held at the M. E.
church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock conducted by Rev. Halliday
and attended by a large number of relatives and friends, and the
members in a body, of the organitions to which the deceased


Harry W. Stiffler was the son of Michael K. Stiffler and Mary J.
Stiffler. He was born near Hollidaysburg, Blair county Pa. the 27th
day of March A. D. 1864 and died the 29th day of December, A. D.
1901, aged 37 years, 9 months and 2 days.
Harry at the age of twelve came to Ohio and moved to Prospect. After
two years of residence here his parents returned to
Pennsylvania leaving their son with his uncle Jacob K. Stiffler
residing one half mile east of Prospect, O. Harry remained with
his uncle for several years. On the 30 day of July A. D. 1885 he
was married to Hannah R. Biggerstaff by Rev. M. C. Hecht, to
this union were born two daughters Mattie Lena and Cara Genevieve
aged respectively 10 and 4 years. Taken in the day of his strong
manhood he leaves a sorrowing wife and two small daughters,
an aged mother, two brothers, three sisters, numerous
relatives and a host of friends to mourn his loss.
About 13 years ago he was converted during a protracted meeting held
by Rev. C. Hill and became a member of the M. E. church to which
church he has been a conscientious member. A little over six
years ago he joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and has
been a worthy brother until the time of his death.
Five years ago mindful of the uncertainty of life and fully realizing
the helplessness of his loved ones if he should be called away, he
made application for membership in the Modern Woodmen of America
and became a member of that fraternal beneficiary organization.
Thus providing as far as was in his power the future of his
dependent ca??. Harry for years has been a member of the Prospect
fire department and as such was ever willing and eager to do his
whole duty.
Brotherly kindness of a practical sort had in him a good and faithful
exponent. To the kindness, loyal disposition, faithful and just
heart of our departed brother and neighbor we pay this tribute of
our love and rememberance.

True Friendship

There were great and substantial doings at the house of John Hughes
near Radnor one day this week. Mr. Hughes was badly injured in a
runaway last fall and has been porrly ever since. The event was
the gathering of between 40 and 50 of his Radnor friends, who
immediatly set to work to make the old gentleman comfortable for
the winter. they cut about 30 wagon loads of wood and husked 80
bushels of corn. Among the most enthusiastic workers were Rev.
Stephens and James and Dr. Simpson. "Doc" is a cracker jack
on corn husking and not a bit slow with wood chopping. Mr.
Hughes was agreeably surprised and profusly thanked his kind

Has Returned
George Hamner, who has been with "Uncle Sams" boys in the Philippines
returned home to Prospect Thursday afternoon looking
hale and hearty.


Adjuster Logan of the Greenwitch Fire Insurance Co., of N. Y., paid
Thursday the full policy of $1000 which his company held upon
the Gast building.
Officers Elected

Prospect lodge No. 444 F. A. M. held their annual election Christmas
night with the following result: J. H. Treese, W. M.; V. W.
McNeille, S. W.; Chas. Hedges, J. W.; Joseph Cheney, S. D; George
Rowland, J. D.; T. J. Cellar, Sec'y; L. H. Harshberger, Treas.; G.
H. Masters, Jos. H. Treese, Stewards; N. J. Rouse, T.
An oyster banquet at the Red Light restaurant helped to make the
evening's meeting one of the pleasantest of the year.


A family gathering was held at the home of Mrs. Gast Wednesday in
honor of the 69th birthday anniversary of Mrs. Jane Gast. Besides
the immediate family, Milton Gast and daughters, Carrie and
Nellie, Mrs. Ida Noble and children, Mrs. Slemmons and son, Ray
of Richwood and Rev. Horrelbring were in attendance. A fine dinner
was enjoyed and happy New Year greetings exchanged by all.


Miss Emma Snyder and Blanch Merchant were Marion visitors tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Darst visited Delaware friends Tuesday.
Miss Flora Able and Miss Manes of Marion are visiting Mrs. C.
The Central Union have received the new telephones and will begin
immediately to place them.
Mrs. Will Slemons and son Ray of Richwood are visiting Prospect
relatives this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Byers of Columbus were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.
D. Wyatt Wednesday.
J. D. Gast after visiting Prospect relatives and friends during the
holidays returned to his home in Springfield Wednesday.
Mrs. Dr. Dowell who has been the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs.
John Eversole for the past two weeks returned to her home at
Agosta Thursday.
Miss Allie Warren of Warrensburg is the guest of Miss Leah Moore.
Mrs. Wm. Moots returned to her home at Delphos, O., Tuesday after a
pleasant visit with friends and relitives.
----- Houghton of Paulding, and Miss Kline? (smeared) of richwood
were the guest of eva gast Friday.
Mrs. H. D. Beaver and Miss Rena Gast were in Marion Tuesday.
Miss Mollie Difney was a Marion visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Daniel Miller and daughter Mary were the guests of marion friends
Mrs. Wm. Pettit has returned home to Jamestown after spending the
holiday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Greek.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kuchner visited Marion friends Tuesday.
C. J. Cummings has returned from a visit with Indianaplois
relatives. Mrs. Cummings will remain at Indianapolis for a short
F. W. Marriott of Delaware was a Prospect visitor Monday.
The League was led Sunday evening by Miss Sarah Dildine. The
subject, numbering Our Days (blanks here) pretty duet entitled I
will give you rest," was rendered by Miss Murrel Barrick and Miss
Grace Harmon.
Miss Bessie thomas returned home Monday evening after a few days
visit with Marion friends.
Robert Marten of Cincinnati was the guest of Miss Bessie Thomas
Miss Hylon and Edward Cli--- of Grove city are guests of their
grandmother, Mrs. C. L. Mohr this week.
Harry and Opan Shaf?---(large water stained area) guests of their ----
--and Mrs. J. P. Gast.
Wm. Schooly is home for the holidays.
Mrs. C. Harsh of Radnor township who has been at Columbus receiving
treatment for her eyesight has so recovered that she was brough to
the home of her son James this week by Mr. and Mrs. Titus Jones
where she will stay for a while.
S. L. Livenspire of Nova Ashland county visited tuesday with Henry
Lauer, mr. Livenspire is a great uncle of marshal Lauer and
is over eighty years old. Mr. Livenspire has a relic with him in
the shape of a silk vest made in 1852 it being his wedding suit
for which he refused fifty dollars. The old gentleman is hale
and hearty, and is apparently enjoying life in his old days.
Caleb Harsh of Radnor township who is known as the leading farm
properity owner of Delaware county is very poor in health. Mr.
Harsh is in his 82 year and his condition is creating much concern
among his relatives and friends.
Dick Johnson of Marion made a New Year call upon Prospect relatives
and friends.
Miss Sarah Dildine entertained at a six o'clock dinner Wednesday.
Misses Hettie and Nannie Wolfley, Essie Adams, Lida
Noble, Dora Finefrock and Emma Snyder and John Merchant.
A. J. Seegiriend and Louie Sauer were visiting Delaware friends
School will commence Monday and an increased attendence is assured
for this term.
J. W. Ness and Miss Carrie Ness of Galion spent New Years with their
sister Addie Ness, Clarance Herr and other relatives in Prospect.
Rev. C. M. Schaaf will preach in Waldo Sunday evening.
Wm. Michels Esq. of Waldo while driving home from Marion, accidently
drove off the dike upseting the carriage. The occupants
escaping with slight bruises.
Marion County Farmers Institute will be held at Calidonia, Jan., 10,
and 11, good speakers have been secured.
Harry Kanode of Newark, O, visited Miss Elsie Hoffman this week.
Mrs. G. F. Gast, Miss Stella Gast and Mrs. Rev. Hurrelbrink spent New
Year with Wm. and Laura Leist at Amanda, O.
Deputy Sheriff Pearl H. Sells has moved with his family to Marion and
will occupy a residence on Pearl street.
A supposed mad dog of the cur hound breed has been making himself
obnoxious around town the last few days. It's funeral was Thursday
The condition of Joseph Cope remains about the same. With indications
toward improvements.
Divine services will be held in the Reformed church Sunday at 2:30 P.
M. Subject of discourse, "Jehovah Nisei, or The Lord is my
Banner." A cordial invition is extended to all.
I have for sale a cutting box as good as new, cheep. J. L. Lust.
J. L. Price and wife of Marion, Mrs. Coffey, David Kirts and wife of
Green Camp Sundayed at Ed Kirts.
Fred H. Tristam a former Marion boy well known in Prospect has been
promoted to assistant G. P. A. of the Wabash line.
Mrs. Thomas Henderson and Mrs. William ------- (water soaked)
Woodland and left yesterday ------- Florida and will remain until March
1st. The former joins her husband and the latter will visit her
parents Edward E. Hazen and wife.

Miss Viola Baughman visted Jess Dowler at marion this week.
The sons and daughters of J. W. Gallant and wife accompanied by their
families gathered at their home in radnor Christmas day and enjoyed
a happy reunion. The day was made doubly pleasant by the renewal of
the old family ties and a ----- Christmas dinner.
Miss Grace Dill? has returned to her home at Columbus.
John ------ of Marion visited Prospect ----- this week.
A reception will be tendered this evening by the congregation to
their pastor, Rev. J. J. Halliday and Mrs. Halliday. The event will
take place in the church parlor.
Miss Lirlin Masters returned home Wednesday after a weeks visit with
Delaware friends.
Earnest Vogt of Delaware visited Prospect friends this week.
Miss Grace Little and Cousin Minnie Little of Marion are visiting
their Defience relatives and friends.
George Sells and son wass shaking hands with Prospect friends
Mrs. A. A. Welsh of Marion made a visit to Prospect friends Wednesday.
The dance at the township house New Years eve was greatly enjoyed by
those present. There will be another in the near future.
P. G. Osborn and wife, E. A. Barks and wife of LaRue, Mrs. Charles
Darst and daughter Roxie with other relatives enjoyed New
Years with J. J. Roberts at Radnor.
A number of young friends assembled at the home of T---Courts last
Saturday evening had a --- enjoyable time.
J. C. Douglas and wife of Forest, spent New Years day with the family
of Mrs. Douglas brother of Rev. F. J. Cellar. They also
celebrated the golden wedding of -- brother and his wife Mr. and Mrs.
J. -. F. Celler on Tuesday.
(rest blurry)

Death of Mrs. Edleman

Mrs. Sarah Edleman after a long illness which ws borne patiently and
with christian fortitude, passed to her reward Wednesday morning
Jan. 1, 1902 at the age of 75 years. The funeral will be held
Friday afternoon at the Lutheran church at one o'clock Rev.
Hurrelbrink officiating.
Owing to the complication of the disease or diseases of which Mrs.
Edleman has so long been a sufferer, it was deemed necessary
to hold a post mortem examination by her physician with the consent
of her relatives, this was accordingly done Wednesday
evening, the official report is as follows:
Post mortem upon body of Mrs. Saran Edlemen Jan 1, 4 p. m. 1902.
A very satisfactory post mortem was conducted and witmessed by the
leading physicians of Prospect and one from Marion, upon the body
of Mrs. Sarah Edlemen, which confirmed the diagnosis of the
attending physician. The M. D.'s present upon the occasion
were Drs. A. Shuey, A. L. Gast, L. C. Wottring, G. H. Masters and
medical student C. J. Bondley from Cincinnati, O. The disease
which so often affects the pyloric opening of the stomach called
cancer, had been slowly and insiduously drawing upon the
vitality probably for more than five years, claiming that much
respected and highly esteemed lady, by possibly having usnidus or
beginning on outside of stomach at pyloric, or right side of that
digestive organ and slowly but surely claiming the unfortunate but
patient victim of the dread disease.
The examination revealed by removing the abdominal walls or encloser,
a large cancerous ulcerated perforation, the diameter of which was
about one and one half to two inches, and a well marked
metastasis to all adjacent tissues and organs, such as the
peritonaeum, spleen, pancreas, liver and minor glandular
structure. It was also found that the abdominal aorta had
degenerated by undergoing a coleareous degeneration, which gives it
the appearance of a like sized tube composed of calcum and other
mineral deposits. The information gained may aid medical science
to sold the all important and vital question as to how to
cure internal carcinoma.


The Green Camp public schools are having a two weeks vacation. Will
commence again Monday Jan., 6th to continue the rest of the
Fred Loubas and wife and Karl Loubas of Kenton are guests of John
Ritzler at the Central House.
A very highly interesting program was delivered at both churches in
our village Christmas eve.
LeRoy DuRoss a student of Hillsdale, Mich., is here visiting his
uncle J. B. Berry.
D. L. Porter and W. M. Chard two young men from our town, left for
Columbus Monday evening, having enlisted in the U. S. service for a
period of three years.
Malcolm Porter and daughter Gladys and Arthur Porter of
spent Christmah with their parents Mr. and Mrs. D.
H. Porter.
Miss Elida and Dora Jacobs are visiting relatives at Galion.
Mrs. Rose Sutton and two children of Dayton, are guests of relatives
this week. Frank Johnson returned to his home in Marion Sunday after a pleasant
visit at the home of I. B. Cole.
Amos Owens and wife and little daughter of Marion, were spending a
few days with friends in our village last week.
Revival meeting is progressing nicely at Beulah Chapel. A large
audience is present each eveding.
Miss Olive Porter of Marion, is the guest of her sister Mrs. Wesley
Free at present.
Mrs. Howard Bogardus and son Hisel are spending this week with
Mansfield friends.


Wm. Russell had the misfortune to loose his best work horse by colic
last week.
Lena Sivey is the guest of her parents in Marion this week.
T. V. Selanders and wife returned home last Saturday from a pleasant
visit with relatives in Marion and Kenton.
Howard Huffine of Marion spent New Years day with his parents.
John Wynn and daughter spent last Wednesday with relatives here.
James Hildreth with his family of Woodland were the guests of Wm
Moore and wife New Years Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham eat their New Years dinner with Mrs.
cunninghams parents in Prospect.
Mrs. J. C. Walter of Marion, visited with her parents Wednesday night.

A reception in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baxter was given by Mrs.
Geo. Baxter, mother of the groom on New Year's day. About
thirty guests partook of the elaborate dinner prepared on the
occasion. The afternoon was spent in games, music, recitations and
other forms of social cheer. In departing the guests wished
Mr. and Mrs. Baxter a long and prosperous life.

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